Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign

The expanse of digital marketing offers exciting and impactful marketing tools to businesses, the most cost-effective of which is PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing Services.

Over 70 percent of business owners prefer directing their marketing spend towards PPC vis a vis other options. This stems from the fact that over 60 percent of consumers give Google ads a peep when shopping online – definitely a static you’d want to be a part of.

If you’re a business that’s interested in leveraging PPC but are unsure of how to set up a PPC campaign, read on to discover how you can make PPC work for you.


#1. Decide Your Budget First

If you’re new to the world of PPC and wondering how to start with pay per click advertising, remember to ask yourself these critical questions:

“How much of my marketing spend am I willing to direct to PPC?”

“How much is the maximum cost per click I am willing to bear as a business to see value in that spend?”

“Is it worth include a costly keyword in my PPC?”

Keywords that have a high click rate also come with a high cost per click. While this is simply number crunching, it is one of the foremost critical guides to a successful PPC campaign.


#2. Selecting Campaign Goals and Types

Before heading over to start your ad campaign there are so many segments to consider and to implement within your ad copy. And one of the most important ones is deciding your campaign goal and campaign type.

As in campaign goals there are 7 types of goals to decide from;

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website Traffic
  • Product & brand consideration
  • Brand awareness and reach
  • App promotion
  • Create a campaign without a goal


What ad campaign type to select depends upon you’re ad goal there are 5 types of campaigns to decide from such as;

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign 1

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • App


#3. Think Like Your Consumer

How to launch a successful PPC campaign begins with understanding what exactly it is that your consumers want and how they go about looking for it online.

You’ve got to identify and include those keywords and phrases that your consumer is most likely to hit a search for. Should your PPC exclude these critical keywords, no amount of aggressive campaigning can help you hit bull’s eye.


#4. Use Data to Validate Your Keywords

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign 2

Once you have a bagful of keywords, it’s time to structure them effectively around your PPC ad copy. But before that, do run them through a comprehensive research web that helps you objectively look at numbers associated with these keywords.

The Google Adwords Campaign tutorial offers a Keywords Planner that throws up search trends, cost per click, suggestive words and other useful data on your keywords.

Leverage the Keyword Planner to find a balance between campaign cost and keyword usage.


#5. Cluster Your Keywords Effectively

It is unlikely that each of your keywords should strike a chord equally with each of your product variants. For example, hitting a search for running shoes and tennis shoes isn’t going to warrant the same set of keywords.

Hence, in order to run a successful PPC campaign, organize your keywords in the manner that they are likely to be used together by your customer in their searches. The more relevant they are to one another, the more clicks your ad campaign is going to garner for you.


#6. Peep Into Your Competitors PPC

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign 3

If you haven’t really bothered to scan through the PPC campaign strategy of your competitors, now is the best time to do it. Figuring out what works for your competitors and what doesn’t on their PPC helps you decide where exactly you should put your money. This will help you save unnecessary trial and errors on your PPC.

If you have a Google AdWords account, simply head to the auction insights to view the kind of bids that stand on your keywords. This will indicate which keywords carry the burden of your competitors’ PPC.


#7. Don’t Miss a CTA

Your Complete Checklist To Launch A Successful PPC Campaign 4

Include a host of words that indicate a CTA in your PPC campaign. This could range from Save (for a cost-conscious customer) Now (for an urgent need) or You (indicates personalization). There’s little your PPC is going to do for you if you don’t direct the reader to an action point.


Lastly, once your pay per click campaign has done the job, make sure you retain and engage the intrigue of your potential customer with a compelling landing page.

Also, do remember that the above points on how to set up a PPC campaign are one part of the story while continuing to research, improve and analyze conversions is the key to having your PPC consistently work for you.