6 Ways To Manage Your Negative Feedback Like A Pro

6 Ways To Manage Your Negative Feedback Like A Pro

“You’ve lost the plot”

“Your service is lacking some elements”

“Your customer support is not helpful enough”

Surely, as businesses operating in the digital landscape, such statements may not be alien to you. As businesses, you’re often at the receiving end of feedback, both positive and negative.

While the former is always well received, managing negative feedback may often leave you feeling shaken up and unsure of yourself.

Speaking from experience, you don’t have to be dejected by negative feedback.

You can turn negative comments from your digital audience into tools of retrospection and business empowerment.

Wondering how? The following hacks I’ve put together can help you leverage negative feedback like never before.


#1. Respond Promptly

Ways to Manage Your Negative Feedback Like Pro

The first step to handling negative feedback on search engines or social media platforms is to revert to your customer and extend the assurance to them of having being heard.

Responding to negative feedback immediately lets your audience know you value their feedback as a business and are open to the idea of improvement and corrective measures.

A simple “Thank you for sharing your concern” can help stop that one dissatisfied customer from turning others away from you.


#2. Get to the Bottom of It

It is human nature to write off criticism thinking, “This can’t be true”.

However, how to handle negative feedback online has got a lot more to do with your internal business processes and systems than you think.

Surely there is something that isn’t going right within your business that needs your attention. Based on the nature of feedback, track back to the key problem area with questions like:

“Where is the gap in my service supply chain?”

“Have I received similar feedback before?”

“Which team is in charge of this element of customer support?”


#3. Revisit Your Entire Process

Ways to Manage Your Negative Feedback Like Pro

Ironing out the flaw in your internal set-up completely involves revisiting the corrective steps taken by you as a re-check.

In order to not end up in a similar situation again and wonder how to respond to negative reviews on google, simply vet your entire process for any lingering loopholes.

You don’t want to be thinking, “That’s something I didn’t think of” after receiving another negative comment.


#4. Keep it Authentic

Ways to Manage Your Negative Feedback Like Pro

Don’t try to patch over the damage or be in denial of your mistakes. “I’ve messed up” is something you should not only be able to tell yourself but also to your peers and your team.

This will help you reach out to the problem area faster and deliver prompt attention to your customer.


#5. Offer Remedial Measures

Ways to Manage Your Negative Feedback Like Pro

Ways to Manage Your Negative Feedback Like Pro

Reach out to the customer(s) who have shared negative feedback for your business and offer them corrective measures that can iron out the inconvenience faced by them.

While internally as a business you may undertake steps on handling negative feedback, externally to your audience you’ve got to reach out and be happy to help them out of any setback.


#6. Move on

Handling bad reviews online certainly warrants that you as a business adopt certain corrective measures and cushion the damage borne by your customer.

But, more importantly, it is imperative that you move on from your shortfalls, albeit with certain learnings, and carry your organization out of that rough patch.

Allowing negative feedback and its repercussions to linger too long can dig into the confidence of your team and pull down their performance, only creating more room for error.


We hope the above tips are useful in helping you deal with negative feedback. Remember, just as there are two sides to a coin so are there two kinds of feedback you’re going to be at the receiving end of. It’s how you deal with negative feedback that makes all the difference.