Video Removal From YouTube

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Safeguard Your Brand From Negative Video Content & Comments With Our Comprehensive & Permanent Video Removal Services From YouTube

Video Removal From YouTube

YouTube is a global video powerhouse that ranks as the second highest visited website in the world. With videos arguably being the most penetrative, absorbable and sharable means of content, various brands rely primarily on videos to communicate their core competencies to their audience. In such an event, any negative videos, comments or content on YouTube regarding your brand can cause irrecoverable damage.


At R9CloudTech, we understand the threat of unsolicited content on YouTube and hence offer services of permanent removal of videos from YouTube. Should there be any video posted by any member or any comment that is against the interest of you or your brand, we can permanently remove the same from YouTube. Through this service, we ensure only positive content and perception of your brand is floated online, and negative content and videos are permanently deleted.

How Negative Videos & Content On YouTube Can Break Your Brand’s Digital Reputation


Videos are impactful pieces of content & YouTube the second most visited webpage globally, holding tremendous penetration power. Hence, maintaining vigil on negative videos is imperative


Videos from YouTube can be easily shared across various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. increasing the scope for viewership and expanding negative publicity

High Industry

Competitors, industry experts, bloggers, and influencers can get impacted by such content to change their perception of your brand and thereby reduce sales or patronship

Comments Can
Further Damage

Comments on YouTube videos can be made freely without any censorship or inhibition, throwing open opportunity for unsolicited and unfavorable content.

Why R9CloudTech Is Your Perfect Partner For Permanent Negative Video Removal

  • We possess expertise in this niche service of permanent video removal
  • Our digital team employs the very best technology, scanners, and filters to identify and track negative videos on YouTube
  • Having worked with clients across various industries, we possess rich know-how of probable industry-specific keywords, content, and listings that could throw up negative videos and posts
  • Our engagements are cost-effective and can be customized as per your requirements
  • We are committed to fulfilling complete digital vigilance and permanent elimination of untoward content for our clientele
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