Social Media Optimization: 6 Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2019

Social Media Optimization: 6 Trends You Shouldn't Ignore In 2019

The year gone by has displayed some remarkable transformations in the way businesses manage their social media network to communicate, influence and co-create with their audiences.

Social media has evolved from merely being a platform of interaction to one of data-driven, personalized and ephemeral content in keeping with the fast-paced browsing and networking tendencies of the current demographics. Extending these trends into the coming year, social marketers across the globe have identified certain patterns that will drive marketing strategies in the social space and transcend the focus on other traditional means of social interaction.

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Let’s talk about the trends we see in this space in 2019 and how we at R9CloudTech can help tie in the same to boost your social trajectory.

# Social Media Micro Influencers

Social Media Micro Influencers

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The emergence of micro-influencers on social media has ballooned into a thriving opportunity for businesses looking to penetrate into clustered audience pockets.

Micro-influencers, who are not only Instagram stars or Twitter sensations but also robust drivers of social concurrence for businesses, usually have less than 10,000 followers who are actively and genuinely interested in their content, so much so that they’re able to generate 60 percent greater engagement than other campaigns.

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# Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

The internet never sleeps, and brands are beginning to realize the need to invest in a 24/7 social media machinery that includes chatbots, trend monitors, timeline events & posts, round the clock social selling and other real-time SMO tools that are all set to champion the social media trends in 2019 across all businesses and industries.

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# AI-Driven Personalised SMO Solutions

AI-Driven Personalised SMO Solutions

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From ad-optimizations and enhanced customer interaction to collaborative filtering, chatbots, and predictive analyses, Artificial Intelligence is making its foray into the social media ecosystem in a big way. Come 2019, a lot of businesses are going to invest in the many benefits AI brings to ensure an elevated social media experience.

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# Social Media TV & Vertical Video Content

Social Media TV & Vertical Video Content

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Whether its IGTV or Facebook Watch, the social television space is impacting how marketers and businesses create content and videos for their audiences.

According to Statista, more than 50 percent of online videos in 2018 were viewed in vertical video format. This trend is ushering a paradigm shift not only in the marketing mix of businesses but the tremendous adoption of video-driven marketing content across all domains.

At R9CloudTech, the leading social media optimization service provider in India, video content is one of the key focus areas for SMO in 2019.

# The Downfall of Fake Followers

The Downfall of Fake Followers

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The increasing reliance, importance, and penetration of social media across all audience stratum has brought with it the issue of fake profiles and followers, which increases the global digital community comprising of businesses, platforms, influencers and audiences are calling out for to be eradicated.

2019 is certainly the year we can expect for a thorough digital cleanse, as the impact and false influence of such followers have reached its precipice in 2018.

# Augmented Reality in Social Media

Augmented Reality in Social Media

Brands across the social spectrum are increasingly tying in the augmented reality framework to boost and enhance customer interaction, communication, and engagement on social media platforms.

From AR-supported messaging to virtual merchandise-try outs, augmented reality is helping social platforms work not only as stellar marketing platforms but also as pseudo marketplaces.

R9CloudTech Social Media Optimization services can help you understand how augmented reality can help your digital footprint.

Just like the last decade, 2019 will prove to be a year of tremendous flux in social media as well as one of immense learning. We can wait to see how these trends unfold and influence social media marketing initiatives across the world. Connect with us at R9CloudTech to see how the above can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the digital space.