Pay Per Click Management

R9CloudTech Offer Bespoke Pay Per Click Services

Can Be Tracked, Measured & Quantified Through Result-Oriented KPIs To Throw Up Compelling Results That Drive You Complete Digital Drive

PPC is a budget-friendly marketing tool that must adorn the marketing initiatives of small businesses, start-ups, and large organizations alike. At R9CloudTech, we leverage the primary strength of PPC campaigns in a dynamic brand connect with prospective customers to facilitate lead generation. We at R9CloudTech take the onus of championing organic growth for your business through our bespoke PPC offerings.

We are a leading PPC advertisement services company and have catered to clients across a host of domains with niche requirements and specifications. We tie in the best practices in the world of PPC with your organizational goals to create a compelling and successful campaign.


Account Audit & Strategy

We conduct a comprehensive study of your industry dynamics, organizational framework, digital footprint, and audience demographics, to help create PPC collaterals that touch the right note with your target audience pool.

AdCopy & Content Optimisation

Keyword research and optimization is one of the stalwarts to a successful PPC campaign. We help you identify keywords that your target audiences frequently use and splash your PPC advertisement just when your target audience is in need of it, ensuring browser traffic is effortlessly routed to your web page.

Campaign Management

R9CloudTech manages the end-to-end planning, formulation, design, roll-out and management of your PPC marketing initiative. Our PPC experts posses the technical know-how to ensure the PPC campaign they create for you is nothing short of stellar!


How PPC Can Impact Your Digital Marketing Mix

PPC is simple yet penetrative in that it helps to tap into a large audience base across geographies in a cost-effective manner. A marked benefit of rolling out a PPC campaign as part of your marketing mix is that its results can be traced and measured effectively. At R9CloudTech, we ensure the role of your PPC campaign encompasses all of the below benefits:


Provide your PPC campaign with the necessary thrust by backing it up with a robust re-marketing exercise to engage past website visitors. Allow R9CloudTech to show you how effective re-marketing strategies can be when rolled out with a robust PPC framework!

Reach The Target Audience

Tying in the best practices of PPC marketing including ad curation and keyword optimization, R9CloudTech helps you leverage an intrinsic benefit of PPC by facilitating direct customer interaction and response with the optimal target group, thus simplifying lead generation and superior ROI.

Brand Recognition

Our bespoke PPC campaigns help drive brand recognition and recall across global browsers. The PPC advertising experts at R9CloudTech are passionate about ensuring robust brand outreach is facilitated through compelling PPC initiatives.

Boost Conversions

PPC helps you cast a wide reach to a large audience group and hence helps in facilitating more conversions for your business. At R9CloudTech, we consciously curate PPC initiatives that can translate to tangible benefits for our valued clientele.

We at R9CloudTech Make PPC Marketing Work For You

Through cost-effective solutions and marketing mix strategies, we ensure your PPC campaign is nothing but stellar.

Track Success of Customer Outreach through KPIs

PPC is one of the few audience outreach tools that allow you to directly trace back conversion figures to measure and ascertain campaign success. It throws up interesting insights which your digital marketer, R9CloudTech can extend to empower your initiatives further. It throws up data on clicks conversion, retention and a lot of other KPIs.

Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Our PPC campaigns at R9CloudTech are budget-friendly marketing tools that allow you to pay for the advertisement when a browser actually clicks on your PPC advertisement. Hence, you can enjoy the benefit of a quantifiable outreach tool that maximizes your ROI.

Content – Driven Solutions

We at R9CloudTech help structure keywords, through extensive research, that are extremely specific and connected to the precise service offering your target audience is on the lookout for. Placing them in your PPC Ad Copy can generate unprecedented results!
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