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Bespoke E-mail Marketing Services

Services That Help Build Lasting Relationships with Potential Customers through Customised, Engaging & Simplified Messaging Services, Ensuring You Always Begin On the Right Footing

R9 CloudTech specializes in e-mail campaigns, bulk-email services, newsletters, customized e-mail templates and a host of other niche e-mail marketing services. We facilitate complete server configuration and sync your e-mail marketing software with your digital marketing metrics, ensuring all activities are quantified, traceable and dynamic. For e-mail marketing collaterals that are truly next-gen, trust no one but the leading digital marketers in India.

Get in touch with us today to understand how we can boost top-line growth and add to your customer base through our comprehensive e-mail marketing services. Send e-mails with confidence again!

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Here’s Why E-mail Marketing Must Be A Part Of Your Marketing Metrix

A comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy ensures you are able to tap into your target audiences pool and deliver specific, niche content on your service offerings, brand and engagement models.

E-mail marketing facilitates the possibility of instant interaction on part of the potential customer with you, enabling you to proactively develop the same into a mutually beneficial relationship.

At R9 CloudTech, we create e-mail marketing collaterals that are directed, powerful and action-oriented, ensuring that it proves to be one of the strongest means of lead generation for you. From stellar e-mail designs, HTML-only solutions or responsive templating, our repertoire of e-mail marketing collaterals are going to help you stand out!

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Our Comprehensive
E-mail Marketing Services Include:

  • Action-driven high-impact e-mail marketing collaterals
  • Segmenting & Personalizing content through e-mail marketing automation services
  • Split Testing & other niche e-mail marketing tools
  • Leveraging the best strategies & tactics in the e-mail marketing landscape
  • Newsletter Automation
  • Content Management Services
  • Re-marketing e-mail marketing templates
  • Superior e-mail infrastructure at your disposal
  • Data Analytics to gain insight on audience demographics and measure response through pre-determined KPIs
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We are a trusted brand name for e-mail marketing services
and can curate specialized engagement modules that cater to your needs
and target audience base.